Life-changing opportunities

Success takes on a new meaning.

Success at The Mission happens in so many ways.

Sometimes, success happens after many failed attempts. Occasionally, it occurs with a step backwards, followed by a few wavering steps forward on a long journey. Every so often, it begins when a major realization allows us to see ourselves in a new light.

Here are some of those success stories:

For individuals, living in hidden tents off the railroad tracks near Perry Street, Chalia and Jose represent what is often the only lifeline to a better life, whenever they are ready to move towards that.

Showing Someone We Care – And Have Been There

Six days a week, driving to where people struggling with addiction are known to congregate, The Mission’s Peer Recovery Specialists offer everyone they meet a cup of coffee, something to eat, a caring conversation – and, if the individual is ready, medication to help with recovery, access to healthcare, and shelter from their personal storms.  “Even if someone is not

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“Our mission is to show people that somebody out here cares about what they're going through.” Chalia said.

Even If Someone Is Not Ready, We Are Here, Offering Hope and Help

Story and photos by Michael Mancuso Early on a recent, damp Thursday morning, a van slowly makes its way down a forbidding, narrow alley in Trenton’s South Ward. The van stops where a lone man is randomly pacing behind a garage, periodically hunching over, emitting non-verbal sounds. He wears droopy camo cargo pants and a trash bag over his upper

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Appalachian Trail

24-Hour Fundraising Run Along the Appalachian Trail

Allen Collins, an entrepreneur who takes fitness to the nth degree, became so inspired by the transformational changes he has seen in people in recovery at The Mission that he decided to create a most unusual fundraiser. On June 24th, Allen is going to run for what he estimates to be 24 hours along the 72 miles of Appalachian Trail

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New Direction Program Graduates

[Video] The New Direction Program

This transformative three-week experience helps individuals in recovery see new possibilities for themselves – and create a plan to achieve their own success. Watch our video on how individuals in the inaugural class created changes for themselves.

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New Direction Program Participant

Creating A New Direction

Can people who are in recovery break out of the repeating loops of poverty, prison, substance use disorder and find a new direction in life? At The Mission, we think so. And have a plan. You can read the story here on

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