Life-changing opportunities

Success takes on a new meaning.

Success at The Mission happens in so many ways.

Sometimes, success happens after many failed attempts. Occasionally, it occurs with a step backwards, followed by a few wavering steps forward on a long journey. Every so often, it begins when a major realization allows us to see ourselves in a new light.

Here are some of those success stories:

The Kitchen family in the workshop

From Homeless to Entrepreneur

“Five years ago, I was sleeping under a bridge,” Curtis said, glancing up, as if he could still see the cement overpass along Route 19 in Paterson. “Most nights, I fell asleep wishing I would not wake up in the morning,” he added. “I was so disappointed in myself, in my life. I didn’t want to go on anymore.” Shaking

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What Is It Like To Be Brought Back To Life?

Narcan, if administered quickly and properly, can counteract the effects of an opioid overdose. Injected into the thigh’s muscle or sprayed in the nostrils, it can revive someone who is unresponsive, whose pulse and respiration seem nonexistent, whose pupils have been reduced to pinpoint size, and whose lips have turned blue or purple. In other words, it can resuscitate someone

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The Long Journey To Know Myself

This is a story about building confidence that was shaken to the core; about learning to trust again; starting to communicate openly and honestly; and the importance of giving thanks. Antonio was living in an abandoned house on North Clinton Avenue, right next to a church. He was invited there by two other guys he met at the Trenton Transit

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