Life-changing opportunities

Success takes on a new meaning.

Success at The Mission happens in so many ways.

Sometimes, success happens after many failed attempts. Occasionally, it occurs with a step backwards, followed by a few wavering steps forward on a long journey. Every so often, it begins when a major realization allows us to see ourselves in a new light.

Here are some of those success stories:


The Meaning of Life

As he walked up to the podium at the Commencement Ceremony for the Inaugural Class of The New Direction Project, Bernard Herrman looked out at the audience, where his mother and godmother sat with the New Jersey Department of Human Services Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner, as well as representatives from Drug Court, the State Parole Board, the City of Trenton,

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A mother and daughter at the Mission Food Pantry

Why Do We Need a New Food Pantry in Trenton?

“We have never before felt the need to open a food pantry. Since the onslaught of the pandemic, however, that need rose unmistakably from our community,” said Barrett Young, Chief Executive Officer of The Mission. He added, “The pandemic has made it clear that those we serve are experiencing new levels of turmoil and suffering. When we reopened The Mission’s

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Governor Murphy speaks about the Mission's work

[Video] Gov. Murphy Speaks About The Mission’s “Tremendous Work”

We are honored that Governor Murphy spoke about The Mission’s “tremendous work, which in addition to feeding those in the community who need a healthy meal, also offers healthcare, housing assistance, addiction treatment and job training.” “Last year,” he said, “the Rescue Mission – under the leadership of that guy, a very good friend and outstanding CEO, Barrett Young –

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Following Guidelines of the CDC, Testing Regularly, Then Repeating

“It has been an entire year now in which we have been following the guidelines of the CDC, and having daily conversations with Dr. Eric Williams, The Mission’s Medical Director, and Dr. Rachael Evans, Chief Medical Officer at Henry J. Austin Health Center,” said Barrett Young, Chief Executive Officer of The Mission. During this long year, the guidelines we have

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Barret Young

Barrett Young Promoted to Chief Executive Officer of The Mission

Niel Siekerka, Chair of the Board of Directors of The Rescue Mission of Trenton, announced that, effective January 1, 2021, Barrett Young, who has been the Chief Operating Officer of The Mission since 2013, is being promoted to Chief Executive Officer. At the same time, Mary Gay Abbott-Young, who has been The Mission’s Chief Executive Officer since 1986 will become

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Those Who Own Nothing May Have Something To Teach Us About Resilience

OpEd by Mary Gay Abbott-YoungChief Executive Officer, Rescue Mission of TrentonPublished in The Trentonian Some people come to The Mission with everything they own in their pockets. Or in a black trash bag that they are pulling along behind themselves.  They are probably at the lowest point in their lives. Certainly, one of the lowest points.  They have been dealt

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