Following Guidelines of the CDC, Testing Regularly, Then Repeating
Pamela Ortiz, a U.S. Navy veteran who is staying at The Mission, sits in the women’s sleeping area, where the beds have been repositioned and now include plexiglass dividers during the pandemic.

“It has been an entire year now in which we have been following the guidelines of the CDC, and having daily conversations with Dr. Eric Williams, The Mission’s Medical Director, and Dr. Rachael Evans, Chief Medical Officer at Henry J. Austin Health Center,” said Barrett Young, Chief Executive Officer of The Mission.

During this long year, the guidelines we have continued to enforce include:

  • Insisting everyone wear masks, washing hands frequently, and maintain social distancing;
  • Taking temperatures daily;
  • Placing plexiglass in crucial areas;
  • Curtailing visitations;
  • Creating a comprehensive telehealth program; 
  • Keeping those who are most vulnerable in a separate area; and 
  • Being provided around-the-clock access to the medical staff at Henry J. Austin Health Center whenever anyone tests positive, where they are quarantined, and their care is monitored by a medical team.

In addition, we have been:

  • Testing those we serve and our essential workers in The Shelter and Behavioral Health Center; and
  • Offering the vaccine to those we serve and our essential workers.

“From the beginning, keeping those we serve and our essential workers safe through this pandemic has been about consulting experts, believing in the science, and enforcing the guidelines,” said Barrett.

Dr. Williams added, “Our practice at The Mission is to vigilantly follow the CDC guidelines, test regularly, then repeat.” He cautioned, “I urge everyone at The Mission and across the country, not to give in to Covid fatigue. Keep wearing your mask. Picture your most beloved family member or your dearest friend. That is why you are doing this. We need to work at this together.”

For more information, contact:

  • Aimée Maier, MSW, Director of Emergency Services – 609.695.1436, Ext. 179
  • Amanda Moschella, LPC, LCADC, Director of Substance Abuse Counseling Services – 609.695.1436, Ext. 303

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